Born in Dunkerque (North of France), SARA ZINGER moved to Marseille 9 years ago to work in a big Swedish compagny. In 2009 she touches his first decks to release them no longer.
Talented artist, Sara Zinger is one of the most promising of the electro scene musicians of his generation. For 3 years, Sara Zinger moves the best dancefloors in Marseilles, Paris, London, Zurich and Berlin.
From 2015, Sara Zinger goes to the composition and produces its own EPs, which receive a very beautiful welcome of the professionals and are played by artists of international fame.
Sara Zinger took the artistic direction of the Club ‘La Dame Noir Dancing’ in Marseilles, which is the electro club of Marseilles, with the evenings Back Room, every Thursday since January 2017. She invites french or foreign artists with whom she shared the stage behind the decks. His evenings are a real successful.
Sara Zinger is the winner of the BPM Contest 2017.

Last interview on Heeboo : here.
(February 9, 2018)