DJ OIL (Blue Note USA / BBE London / Les Disques de la Mort London / Kompakt Records)
Musician, DJ, Producer, Broadcaster, Film-maker, Sound Designer, Remixer of Laurent Garnier, Tony Allen, DJ OIL has also composed many musics for movies or documentaries for french, british and american TV.

Lionel Corsini aka DJ OIL, from Marseille (France). Producer, author and DJ since 1988.
Founder of Troublemakers (Blue Note USA / R&S / Pias) whose albums have sold over 300,000 copies. Also a composer for film and television.
His new project is called “BLIND VOODOO”, the culmination of 10 years of work in more than 30 African countries and the meeting with musicians.
Project recorded with Niktus (bass), bassist and keyboardist of FFF, the leading French funk rock band that has sold over 1 million albums and has toured in over 50 countries.
“BLIND VOODOO” brings together their electro, hip-hop and jazz influences with visuals crafted by Bruno Corsini (Rita Mitsouko, IAM, Justice, etc. based on African trance and electro rhythms. This project will be released in 2023 on the R&S label, the most emblematic electronic label in the world (Aphex Twin, Derrick May, Richie Hawtin, etc.).


Listen to the February 28, 2023 podcast here

First radio host from 1988 on several radio stations in Marseille then from 1998 with broadcasts in Croatia, Chicago, UK, Belgium and Marseille of course. DJ in clubs since 1990 with residences at the Trolley bus in Marseille but also in several festivals such as the Cosmopolis in Lisbon, the Amiens Jazz Festival, the Factory in Tokyo and the organization of several electronic festivals in the south of France between 1990 and 2007 with his brother. Producer of the group Troublemakers on the Chicago label Guidance recordings in 1999 with the album “Doubts and convictions” and a series of house maxis (250,000 copies sold), then on Blue Note USA in 2004 with the album “Express Way” and the flm produced by MK2 illustrating this album.
A year in Chicago in 2003 where he was able to play in club house alongside Green Velvet, Iz and Diz, Derrick Carter, followed by a tour with 14 cities visited and dates with De la Soul, Mr C, Moby. … “From jazz to techno” is the phrase that best symbolizes the musical spectrum of his DJ sets or even his lives that he has been touring around the world for over 10 years culminating in a tour in Africa and Central America (30 countries in total) and lives worked with more than 300 musicians on all of these trips. Always with his favorite instrument, his laptop, used with Live by Ableton. 4 years of traveling and learning rhythm in all its complexities, which since 2012 has allowed him to produce and release EPs and albums on labels such as Fluid ounce (Zero DB / Ninja Tune), BBE (London / Berlin) and remixes for Ed Banger (Mr Flash), Laurent Garnier (Fcom), Tony Allen (Comet Records).
DJ OIL offers an electronic DJ set between jazz and techno, afro and cultivated, and a live between 108 and 130 bpm, surprising, accompanied by visuals from, a journey…