YUMHO, a DJ and House music producer with Afro rhythms as his backdrop, is based in Marseille, in the south of France.

As a member of the Azzur Crew, he is part of the renowned AZZUR MUSIC label, alongside its founders Meloko and Konvex & the shadow, and joined by Selim Sivade, a member of the French duo LFK Project, as well as the label’s latest addition, Utli.

YUMHO is the culmination of a 10-year career, starting with his first project, Amevicious, where he quickly became an artist and producer for his first family, La dame Noir records. It was with them that he released his first EP, “THE FALL,” which garnered praise from artists such as Rebolledo, Ivan Smagg, Jennifer Cardini, Andrew Weatherall, Zombie in Miami, Theus Mago, and more. Over the past decade, he has toured extensively in Europe and Asia, with tours produced by ClichĂ© Recording in collaboration with La dame Noir records.

YUMHO, which means “HUMAN,” aims to eliminate all barriers that separate people today, such as social classes, through his productions and DJ sets. He simply invites the audience to experience a moment of limitless love and unity.

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