Ferrago: n, pl. ferragoes. A blend of seeds sown together in order to obtain fodder / A blend of notes sown together in order to obtain music…

Ferrago came into being because Sebastien Spessa (Lo Còr de la Plana), Braka (Désirs Chroniques Quartet, BVZK) and Thierry Daudé (Auprès de Ma Blonde), who have enjoyed each other’s company and work for a long time, really wanted to make music together… All they needed was an excuse! Their excuse is going to be the traditional repertoire from Southern Italy: the tarantellas, tammurriate, Sicilian waltzes that Sebastien has been carting around in his luggage for nearly twenty years.

They wanted to take this repertoire on a journey through new tones and towns, to confront it with various musical worlds, to perform it according to their desires, without any restriction other than those of their own creative fantasy.


The drums, trumpet, minimalist electro programming… are indeed different from the instrumentarium proper to traditional music. But the lead and backing vocals and the chitarra battente do establish the link with the tradition from which the musicians take their inspiration and from which they draw freely, availing themselves of every possibility, every opening to other repertoires, other influences, other encounters.

Sebastien Spessa: lead vocals, chitarra battente, electric guitar.
Thierry Daudé: trumpet, vocals
Braka: drums, electronics, vocals